Guide to Diamond Shapes

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A diamond’s shape is its most distinctive feature. Through their unique characteristics, every shape conveys a different message and appeals to distinct personalities. Learning these details can help you pick the perfect diamond for your special occasion.

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Round Brilliant Shape Diamond

Supreme scintillation, fire, and beauty define the round brilliant shape. It is, therefore, the perfect choice if you want a diamond with maximum brilliance and personality.

The original ‘brilliant’ cuts started in the 17th century. This is when diamond cutters began applying new techniques and tools to obtain more brilliance from polished diamonds. The first versions of the modern round brilliant emerged in the early 20th century when a mathematician derived what he considered to be optimal proportions and angles for achieving maximum fire and brilliance.

Today, the round brilliant is the most popular diamond shape. They are particularly endearing to compassionate, kind and affectionate personalities who adore the shape’s eternal elegance.

A round brilliant diamond can be the perfect centrepiece if you want an eye-catching engagement ring, pendant or stud earrings. Indeed, the shape is particularly well-suited to engagement rings since it flatters all hand shapes and finger sizes.

A line of calibrated round brilliant diamonds can make a wonderful eternity band or tennis bracelet. Round brilliant diamonds are also a popular choice for an impressive ‘rivière’ necklace.

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Emerald Cut Diamond

The very essence of elegance, the emerald cut refers to a rectangular shape diamond with ‘step-cut’ facets and cut corners. It is an excellent choice if you are seeking a mesmerising diamond; one that stands out for its beauty and vintage allure.

We can trace the shape’s origins to the 15th century. Around this period, cutters began polishing emeralds with long, step-cut facets to help protect the green gemstone from damage and chipping during the cutting process. They would soon adopt this technique when cutting diamonds.

Through its linear, elongated facets, the emerald cut emits vivid flashes of light in a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect. Emerald cut diamonds tend to appeal to people who are decisive and resourceful; they adore the shape’s clean, symmetrical lines and the fascinating flashes from the concentric facets. They enjoy the diamond’s graceful elegance and the refinement it brings to the jewel in which it rests.

Emerald cut diamonds are incredibly versatile. They are an excellent choice for a solitaire engagement ring or as a three-stone ring when framed by two smaller diamonds. An elongated profile is particularly interesting if you are seeking a diamond that will flatter square hand shapes and shorter finger sizes as they will make the fingers appear more slender. A line of emerald cuts is an extremely popular choice for a glamorous eternity band, ‘tennis’ bracelet, necklace or pendant.

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Pear Shape Diamond

With an eye-catching silhouette and superb brilliance, the ‘pear’ is one of the most beloved diamond shapes. It is an excellent choice if you want a distinctive jewel featuring a diamond that is striking for its artistic outline and majestic brilliance.

Also known as a ‘teardrop,’ the shape has grown in popularity since the 1400s when earlier forms first emerged. Thanks to modern cutting techniques, an impeccably crafted pear shape has a dazzling brilliance to go with its alluring shape.

A perfectly proportioned pear shape with spectacular colour and purity is a true treasure. It combines a classic, familiar beauty with striking, modern elegance. Admirers tend to be generous, mindful and warm with a taste for adventure and glamour.

A pear shape diamond centrepiece adds a graceful splendour to a necklace, pendant or drop earrings. It is also an excellent choice if you are after a truly special engagement ring; one that makes a distinctively romantic statement. Moreover, the longer profile of an ideally-proportioned pear shape will flatter shorter hand shapes and finger sizes.

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Cushion Cut Diamond

A sparkling cushion cut is a superb choice if you want a beautiful blend of brilliance with a modern, gentle touch of elegance.

The pillow-shaped frame of the cushion gives the shape a romantic silhouette. They exist in a square-like shape, where the diamond’s length is almost equal to its width, and more elongated versions.

There are actually two types of the pillow-shaped cushion cut: “cushion brilliant” and “cushion modified brilliant.” The difference lies in the faceting arrangement. Cushion brilliant diamonds have larger facets and are similar to round brilliant diamonds but with rounded corners. ‘Cushion modified’ diamonds have smaller facets that create an exceptional sparkle that produces a ‘crushed ice’ effect.

Cushion cut diamonds are an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings. This shape is particularly suitable if you are looking for a modern, out-of-the-ordinary look. A line of cushion cut diamonds also offers a stylish variant on the classic eternity band, tennis bracelet or rivière necklace.

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Oval Shape Diamond

Thanks to its original silhouette and remarkable brilliance, the oval shape is one of the most popular diamond shapes for a variety of jewels. They are a wonderful choice if you are seeking a diamond that offers brilliance with a modern, sophisticated touch.

Oval shape diamonds exhibit exceptional sparkle thanks to the unique arrangement of their 58 facets. They often appeal to charismatic, loving personalities who enjoy trendy, creative designs. They love the oval’s gentle outline and modern flair. These characteristics allow the oval shape to suit a wide range of engagement ring styles, allowing you to tailor your jewels to your beloved.

The oval shape's long profile offers incredible versatility. Oval shaped diamonds are popular as the centrepiece for a variety of engagement ring styles. Indeed, an elongated oval shape is a splendid choice for individuals looking for a shape that flatters shorter hands by making them appear longer and thinner.

A matching pair of oval shaped diamonds make for a beautiful set of stud earrings, while a line of ovals makes for an elegant eternity band, tennis bracelet or rivière necklace – all with a wonderful contemporary feel.

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Marquise Cut Diamond

The marvellous marquise cut, with its iconic elliptical shape with two pointed ends, is steeped in history and romance.

The shape first in the 18th century. The illustrious French King Louis XV commissioned a diamond that would resemble the lips of the Marquise de Pompadour. The marquise shape is also referred to as ‘navette,’ which translates from French to ‘little boat.’

A masterfully cut marquise diamond exhibits exceptional fire and brilliance. Due to their slender silhouette, they also look larger than other diamond shapes of a similar carat weight. The marquise shape is therefore ideal if you are looking for an opulent, impressive diamond.

Marquise cuts are popular centrepieces for engagement rings, pendants and drop earrings. When set in an engagement ring, its elongated shape can make a finger appear longer and more slender.

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Heart Shape Diamond

A powerful symbol for eternal love, everlasting commitment, and devoted friendship. A heart shape diamond is a wonderful choice if you wish to commemorate a variety of events: from birthdays and graduations to engagements and anniversaries. There is always a good reason to offer a heart shape diamond and they always produce the most profound smiles.

Heart shape diamonds have a surprisingly long history. Some of the earliest recorded heart shape diamond gifts date back to the 15th century. Around that time, it became fashionable for royalty to gift tremendous heart shape diamonds to other royals; an affectionate gesture of friendship and commitment.

Cutting a perfect heart shape diamond is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences. It requires high calibre craftsmanship and precision to obtain the ideal elements; symmetrical, perfectly balanced rounded lobes, a pleasing outline and an effervescent sparkle. A superb heart shape diamond is a genuine work of art; a rare treasure that grows in sentimental value for generations.

Because of their clear symbolism, all personalities adore heart shape diamonds – particularly when they are set in pendants, chokers, and bangles. Those that find heart shape diamonds particularly delightful tend to be sentimental, effusive and romantic personalities who revel in grand gestures.

Heart shape diamonds are popular as the centrepiece for pendants, chokers, bangles, bracelets, and earrings. A heart shape diamond can also be the ideal centrepiece for a marvellous engagement ring.

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Square Emerald Cut Diamond

Like the standout painting in a gallery full of art, a superlative square emerald cut diamond will draw everyone’s attention. It is an excellent choice if you want a vintage look with decisive, elegant lines.

Square emerald cut diamonds are also known as ‘Asscher cut’ after the renowned cutter who invented the shape. They create the same breath-taking ‘hall of mirrors’ effect as the emerald cut. The difference with the Asscher cut is that it does not have the same large facet in the centre. This concentric effect leads your eye to the very centre of the diamond and gives this shape it's unique vintage feeling.

The Asscher cut is a perfect choice if you are seeking a remarkable engagement ring with a distinctive centrepiece. This shape’s vintage feel will seduce any individual who wants to stand out from the crowd with a unique piece of jewellery.

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Radiant Cut Diamond

A distinctive cut that blends the brilliance of a round brilliant cut with the elegant rectangular silhouette of an emerald cut. The radiant cut is perfect for cheerful, bubbly personalities who love boldness and innovation.

The radiant cut is a relatively new cut. It first emerged in 1977 and gained steadily in popularity in the decades that followed. Today, diamantaires covet the radiant cut for its ability to enhance the precious hues of coloured diamonds while providing sensational scintillation.

Typically boasting 70 facets, radiant cut diamonds exist in square-shaped and rectangular silhouettes. The longer profiles are especially suitable for smaller hands as they can make one’s fingers appear longer. A square-shaped profile creates is perfect if you want to create a dramatic, show-stopping effect – particularly as the centrepiece for a choker or necklace of any length.

Radiant cut diamonds are perfect for any piece of jewellery. A line of radiant cut diamonds can become a striking eternity band or tennis bracelet, while a matching couple would make ideal earrings. The strong lines of the radiant are perfect for a memorable engagement ring, especially when you frame the diamond centrepiece with side stones that enhance its dramatic romance.

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