Our traditions


Strong values and beliefs have guided us through nearly two centuries of creating exquisite and timeless pieces, while maintaining lifelong relationships with our clients. 

We believe our creations can express love, respect or friendship in an unparalleled way.

Passion and Creativity


Jewellery, when designed and crafted to perfection, offers the most incredible combination of natural beauty and human artistry.  

Our unique history and passion for the craft of jewellery formed our mission: to help our clients express their feelings by ensuring every detail of our creations is exceptional.

Connections and Independence

Defining JAHAN values

Our beliefs and mission inspire our values, which resonate throughout our company:

Treasure connections: we treasure the connections our clients trust us to enrich. 

Enduring value: we use design elements that are truly timeless so that our jewels become assets that endure in value.

Independence: we maintain financial and strategic independence so we can focus on our clients and long-term vision for the company. We are not under any pressure from partners, shareholders or quarterly profit targets.

Investment: we invest in the best people, finest materials and latest technology.

In the end, our beliefs and values guarantee unmatched service and quality for our present and future clients.