Yellow Diamond Jewels by Jahan Jewellery

The finest yellow diamonds are amongst the most captivating gemstones in the world. Their warm tones radiate blazing intensity and inspire sensations of joy and limitless energy.


Magnificent Rarity

Yellow diamonds are one of the most well-known examples of “coloured diamonds”. Only 1 out of every 10,000 carats mined carries this distinctive title.

Even within this small sample, few diamonds pass our strict requirements of innate beauty and character. Since our designs start with the gemstones in mind, our meticulous selection and cutting process allows us to craft yellow diamond jewellery that is truly unique.


Exceptional Colour

Yellow diamonds display a rich yellow colour due to the small amounts of nitrogen within the crystal structures that absorb blue light. For this reason, one can find a high degree of variance among yellow diamonds.

Indeed, many yellow diamonds do not come in a 'pure' yellow form but rather in a combination of colours. It is common, for instance, that yellow diamonds contain secondary hues of brown, green, or orange. For us, these incredible colour combinations are miraculous opportunities to combine a spellbinding spectrum of colours into beautiful, joyful jewels.


Marvellous Hues and Saturation

Colourless diamonds are typically graded from D to Z. Diamonds that are considered completely colourless should receive a 'D' grade, with each subsequent letter indicating a slowly growing presence of colour. Diamonds that receive a 'Z' grade therefore have a clearly noticeable tint of yellow colour compared to colourless diamonds.

Yellow diamonds, however, are in a completely different category. They have a stronger hue and saturation compared to X, Y or Z graded diamonds. They therefore receive a different grade altogether. Their grading scale takes into account factors like hue, saturation and depth of colour, resulting in grades like 'Fancy Light,' 'Fancy Intense' and 'Fancy Deep.'

Aside from colour grades, many other names emerged over the years to describe yellow diamonds in the trade. These include "canary diamonds" to describe yellow diamonds featuring more intense saturation and hue. 


A Spectacular Variety of Colours

The presence of secondary or tertiary hues will affect the colour grade of a yellow diamond . This means we can have diamonds that receive a grade of 'Fancy Brownish Yellow' or 'Fancy Vivid Brownish Orangey Yellow.' As long as the final colour is "Yellow," the diamond is considered to be a 'yellow diamond.'

We delight in combining all these shades and colour combinations to craft sensational jewellery. From lighter shades to stronger saturations, a Jahan diamond is remarkable for the exceptional quality of its cut, brilliance and character. These factors are often more important because they truly help to make the jewellery visually stunning and an absolute joy to wear. We go far beyond the printed words from the gemological reports, using our unique experience and expert knowledge to uncover diamonds of extraordinary quality and rarity.


An Insatiable Desire for Colour

Although some coloured diamonds have famous provenance and history, the popularity and desirability of coloured diamonds have grown particularly fast in more recent times. This is likely due to the vast improvements in diamond cutting techniques, which help us reveal the natural beauty of diamonds like never before. Indeed, we have separate cutting standards and techniques for coloured diamonds to ensure we maximize their true potential.

As coloured diamonds grow in fame, their typical values have skyrocketed. Indeed, we are receiving growing numbers of high profile investors looking to diversify their wealth with rare and unique diamonds, with superlative yellow diamonds generating noticeably strong interest.

The special appeal of yellow diamonds primarily comes from the fact that their values are more interesting relative to astronomically priced blue and pink coloured diamonds. This means owners have greater peace of mind to enjoy them as jewellery. Given the extraordinarily high values of blue and pink diamonds, many owners prefer to simply keep them securely locked away!

Likeminded individuals seeking high-quality stores of value are welcome to ask us for more information on these fascinating developments.


A Formidable Store of Value

Given their rarity, yellow diamonds with a colour grade of "Fancy Vivid Yellow" with exceptional purity and visual characteristics have experienced the strongest appreciation in price in recent years. However, many experts believe that yellow diamonds with slightly less intense colour saturations are likely to hold their value very well in the years to come. 


Masterful Composition

Our ideal yellow diamonds represent a perfect harmony between saturation and depth of colour while maximizing the natural fire and brilliance of the diamond.

We only select the most extraordinary stones, those that are impeccably crafted to enhance the intensity of colour and fiery scintillation. We design each jewel thoughtfully to enhance their sublime natural beauty and our master craftsmen work meticulously to craft the perfect settings for our diamonds.  This unrivalled attention to detail enables us to create breathtaking and magnificent pieces that truly honour and reveal the natural beauty of our phenomenal diamonds.


Exceptional Yellow Diamond Jewellery

For over seven generations, we have delighted our clients by designing extraordinary and daring jewellery. Our opulent pieces combine the highest quality yellow diamonds with the most dedicated and talented craftsmanship.

We share here a selection of our most extraordinary yellow diamond jewels, featuring some of the rarest diamonds in the world 


Ode to Colourful Scintillation

A striking example of our dedication to radically different creation. This wondrous yellow and white diamond necklace exquisitely complements three astounding Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds; their invigorating power perfectly captured in a captivating, singular design.


The Beauty of Contrast

We reveal the exceptional charm of the magnificent 15.09 carat Radiant Cut Fancy Yellow diamond by contrasting it with two icy white diamonds on either flank. The result is a superb yellow and white diamond ring. A glorious demonstration of contrasting bright, luscious colours against the pure refinement of white diamonds.