Jahan & Womanity

This year marked our first collaboration with the Womanity Foundation

When the foundation approached us with the idea of collaborating, we decided that we wanted to help in the most effective way while contributing to the event's entertaining and festive atmosphere.

To this end, we proposed creating a bespoke jewel that would be exclusively available during the evening's Live Auction segment. We wanted to create a remarkable, exclusive jewel that would excite the audience and draw the biggest possible bids.

"Amour Eternel"

The bespoke jewel we created for the event was a magnificent pair of diamond earrings named “Amour Eternel.”

To make this piece really special, we selected 18 of the finest diamonds from the rarest and most valuable categories of colour and purity.

Amour Eternel Earrings

The Craftsmanship Process

We spent over 80 hours across 9 weeks to design and craft this exceptional piece. We filtered through over 25 design ideas before we chose and perfected the final concept.  

The superb GIA-certified diamonds were hand-picked by a member of the Jahan family. We chose the final 18 diamonds from over 150 possible choices, ensuring that their proportions and brilliance would bring absolute perfection to this piece.

Watch the video below to see how we created these extraordinary earrings.

The Womanity Gala 2020

The 2020 edition of the Womanity gala was enormously successful for the foundation.

Below is a description of the event and the live auction by one of our directors, Ali Jahan.

Geneva's Most Anticipated Gala Event

"Womanity is famous for bringing amazing performers, entertainers, and hosts from around the world. Aside from entertainment, they make great presentations of their work and share all the updates you could expect regarding their initiatives and projects. This helps them raise so much money for the cause.”

“For 15 years, Womanity has been organising the best Gala events in Geneva.”

“The Womanity community includes the ‘who’s who’ of Geneva, including some of the most generous and successful entrepreneurs in the city. Many Womanity patrons even fly over just for the evening to attend the event and support the cause.”

“Over 1,000 guests attended the gala this year."

"It will easily be one of the most popular events in the year’s social calendar and will be one of the most successful fundraising events organised in Geneva.”

The Live Auction

“I got up to say a few words about how special the piece was. I really wanted to get across the quality and amazing design of this piece.”

“The bids were coming in very fast at the beginning as our video was playing in the background. Fifty thousand, fifty-five thousand, sixty, sixty-five… it was really exciting!"


I then brought the earrings out to show them on the big screen. That’s when the bids went up even higher.”

The Result: CHF 100,000 raised for women!

“When the hammer went down, my family and I were all humbled and delighted.” 

“I also thought to myself: ‘the winner of this lot bought extremely well!’ However, the important thing is that CHF 100,000 can help a lot of women in the areas where Womanity works.”

"The amount our earrings raised was the largest amount that Womanity ever raised for a jewellery lot."

"Considering all the wonderful jewellery lots Womanity has auctioned over their 15 years, we are very happy to hold this record!"

"We're really excited to hear about the impact this sale will have and we congratulate Womanity for another wonderful event."

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