Rare and Magnificent Ruby Jewels by Jahan Jewellery

Rubies are the most famous and valuable red gemstone. Throughout history, they have seduced and captivated countless individuals with their vibrant red hues and glowing lustre.

Their unique characteristics make them one of our favourite gemstones. Indeed, the finest rubies play an important role in some of our most decadent and famous jewels.

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Exceptional Ruby Jewellery


A Tale of Devotion

Few gemstones feature so prominently throughout history across so many cultures.

In the ancient language of Sanskrit, the word for ruby translates to “the King of Gemstones.” Hindus believed that rubies would bring them peace. Warriors of a bygone age pressed rubies into their flesh, trusting they would become invincible in battle. Medieval Europeans wore rubies in the belief that they would ensure a life rich in health, love and knowledge.

The world’s fascination with this remarkable gemstone continues to this day. As the July birthstone, ruby jewels are very popular birthday gifts. Ruby jewels are also wonderful wedding anniversary gifts and are commonly considered the gemstone of choice to celebrate the 40th anniversary. Finally, they are a prominent choice for engagement rings and bridal jewellery.


An Enduring Expression of Love

Rubies are a variety of the mineral corundum. This means they are one of the most robust precious gemstones in the world, second only to diamonds. Their relative hardness allows for crystal clear rubies with few if any inclusions. Such rubies are incredibly scarce and valuable, especially in larger sizes.

The element that provides rubies with their splendid red colour is chromium. The amount of chromium can cause a ruby’s colour to vary from pinkish to orange-red as well as purer shades of red. The most desirable shade is known as “Pigeon’s Blood.”


The Value of Origin

The most sought after rubies are those originating from Myanmar, commonly referred to as ‘Burmese’ rubies in the trade. Those from the ‘Mogok valley are particularly famous due to the typically supreme quality of rubies collected from this area.

Although the finest natural rubies of Burmese origin will command a significant premium in the market, high-quality rubies can come from many other parts of the world. Many exquisite rubies have also emerged from Thailand, Vietnam, Madagascar and Mozambique to name a few sources.

While the origin of the ruby can affect its value, factors such as colour, degree of treatment, lustre and provenance are often more important.

Larger, untreated, visually stunning rubies are therefore highly desirable and likely to maintain, if not grow, their value over time.


The Incredible Rarity of Natural Rubies

Most commercially available rubies have undergone some degree of treatment. Some estimates judge that less than 1% of commercially available rubies are free of any treatment whatsoever.

A common form of treatment is heating natural rubies at very high temperatures to increase their colour. A relatively small amount of heat treatment is considered a ‘lighter’ form of treatment compared to more invasive techniques such as glass filling. In general, more substantial forms of treatment will significantly reduce the market value of the ruby.

The degree of treatment a ruby receives can have a major impact on its value. For larger rubies, we provide full transparency in the form of a gemological report from a reputable laboratory. The report will describe the nature and extent of any treatment that the rubies received.


The Fierce Pursuit for Supreme Quality

The attractiveness of the high-quality natural rubies is such that gemstone collectors will rarely let go of a supreme quality ruby if they are lucky enough to acquire one. A beautiful, sparkling ruby of deep red colour with few inclusions will often become the prized possession in even the most illustrious of gemstone collections.

Moreover, the mines that produce superior natural rubies are no longer as productive as they used to be. Some of the most famous mines have been completely exhausted. This lack of supply means only adds to the value of top-quality rubies.

The most extraordinary rubies are so highly sought after that they are almost impossible to find these days. In recent years, their scarcity has driven prices higher and higher at a phenomenal rate. It is therefore likely that the value of the best rubies will continue to increase in the years to come due to favourable supply factors and the enduring appeal of their seductive attributes.


Delicate Versatility

Our expert gemstone cutters craft rubies into a large number of beautiful shapes. From the eternally elegant rectangular step-cut to mesmerizing oval shapes and cabochons, rubies provide us with many possibilities to get the best out of their natural material.

Another important attribute is the possibilities for colour contrasts. Their deep, red colour and shimmering lustre contrast perfectly with the frosty brilliance of white diamonds. We thrive on the endless opportunities linked to this most beautiful of contrasts in all our jewels.


Exceptional Ruby Jewellery

For over seven generations, we have delighted our clients by designing extraordinary and daring jewellery. Our opulent pieces combine the highest quality rubies with the most dedicated and talented craftsmanship.

We share here a selection of our most extraordinary ruby jewels, featuring some of the rarest rubies in the world


Modern Masterpiece

A stirring example of our dedication to radically different designs. This superb ruby and diamond necklace and earring set combines a choker with three draping strands. The stunning contrasts captured perfectly in a captivating, singular design.


A Beautiful Contrast

We reveal the wondrous beauty of a magnificent ‘Imperial Red’ natural ruby weighing 17.87 carats in this superb ruby and diamond ring. A glorious demonstration of contrasting a fine, vivid red ruby against the pure refinement of white diamonds.


A Perfect Everyday Jewel

Our ruby and diamond bangle from the ‘Halo Beads’ collection brings together the art of contrast with a modern touch; the use of lusciously red ruby beads.


Touches of Class and Colour

Our ruby and diamond earrings feature eight fiery red rubies suspended from a sparkling medley of round diamonds. The ‘Cascade’ design results in a pair of earrings that are light and comfortable to wear while making a profound impression.